Samsung, oh, Samsung

Short review of Samsung S8 with Pro's and Con's of new phone blues.


Learning to Program (step 1)

                             So for a while now I have wanted to learn to code and after some much needed and totally confusing wandering of the internet and a trip to the local library. I stumbled upon Small Basic which is a program that teaches you the Basics of how to Code or is it program?  This book … Continue reading Learning to Program (step 1)

SMS Messages on the Computer

I have been looking for an app that will allow me to use my phone on my computer for some time now. I remember in Windows 8.1 how it had messages and guess what Windows 10 does too. The only problem here is that I cannot get it to work, I don't know if its user … Continue reading SMS Messages on the Computer

Phone batteries to charge or not to charge.

In the last few months, I have read a bunch of conflicting stories on when to charge my phone and when to take it off the charger. After reading these posts, (links are below) I went ahead and tried a few different ways to charge my phone. I tried letting it charge while I am … Continue reading Phone batteries to charge or not to charge.

Mozilla FireFox

So being that is 4:39am and for some odd reason I am wide awake. I guess I will start this by saying Morning!!!! Hopefully I can sleep after I right this... Please let me sleep!!!!! So as many of us know there are 4 large web browsers. (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla) Every once … Continue reading Mozilla FireFox