Samsung, oh, Samsung

Short review of Samsung S8 with Pro's and Con's of new phone blues.


Mozilla FireFox

So being that is 4:39am and for some odd reason I am wide awake. I guess I will start this by saying Morning!!!! Hopefully I can sleep after I right this... Please let me sleep!!!!! So as many of us know there are 4 large web browsers. (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla) Every once … Continue reading Mozilla FireFox

Snapchat Beta

So I signed up to be a Beta tester on Snapchat. (a program that I don't really use quite a lot) and it wasn't all that hard to do. If you want to do this, here are really simple steps. Open Snapchat Go to settings Scroll to the bottom and click on Beta Tester Opt … Continue reading Snapchat Beta

Earning Money Online (at home)

As we all gear up for the holiday season, our thoughts turn to gifts and money. How we are going to purchase all those gifts for all those people. Unfortunately for many of us, we work 40 hours a week... sometimes more and we end up getting a stable paycheck that by the time we … Continue reading Earning Money Online (at home)

Printables: Create your own or buy these.

Hi, so I wanted to share with you how to make your own printables, they are really easy to make and you have all the programs that you need already. So here it is:Etsy Listing Paper Step one... Open Microsoft Word... Simple, right?? I thought so too. The next step for me was to figure … Continue reading Printables: Create your own or buy these.

Trying again…Maybe a little quick to judge.

So I was informed that my previous post Are you selling shit online? may have been a little harsh. That maybe I didn't give it enough time. So I went ahead and after closing my Etsy Shop... I reopened it. I have listed over 10 items that are mainly handmade and also in the category of … Continue reading Trying again…Maybe a little quick to judge.