So like most bloggers and many people(totally assuming that this is a normal thing) I drink my morning cup of coffee and look at all the social media on my phone.

So this morning I looked at snapchat cause I wanted to see what was new with the app. I was looking for anything new or exciting. What I found was just that. I found spectacles… Now I don’t know if this was a thing that snapchat released and I totally blanked and missed the big reveal… But if so wow… Sorry.

So these spectacles are supposed to be used to see the world from your perspective and show your world on snapchat. Great idea 💡 right? But first off have you seen them?

Ya. I am not the biggest fan of the design it looks like Harry Potter and Aviators style glassesm But what really hit me was the price tag… 130.00 don’t let that. 99 fool you… That’s another dollar. But you know there is free shipping… So the 5.00 or less that they are probably paying for shipping the glasses to you… Makes up for it.

Included in the screwed up glasses set there is a charging box and also a charging cable. The charging case alone is 50.00 and the charging cable is 10.00. so I guess that means that if it’s included when you buy the glasses the actual price of the glasses would be 70.00 and that people is not a bad price. Not one that I am willing to pay mind you. But a decent price.

Now if snapchat wanted me to try the product and they were simply going to send me the specs for free then I would walk around with a Harry Potter and Aviator baby on my face for a day. But as I don’t see that happening. I am not willing to pay for them.

To all of you out there who did pay that amount. You didn’t get a bad deal. It actually is a pretty fair price. But still I hope that those glasses look better on your face then they do in that picture.


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