Learning to Program (step 1)

Small Basic                             So for a while now I have wanted to learn to code and after some much needed and totally confusing wandering of the internet and a trip to the local library. I stumbled upon Small Basic which is a program that teaches you the Basics of how to Code or is it program?  This book and program where created by a programmer at Microsoft who wanted to teach people the basics like how he learned them.

You can download the link for the program here.



Anyway, I thought to myself here is a way for me to first of all have something to write about. I seem to struggle with consistent posting, and second of all I can record what I learn very easily.

So let me tell you what book I am following first and where you can find it.

Title: Learn to Program with Small Basic: An Introduction to Programing with Games, Art, Science, and Math.

By: Majed Marji and Ed Price

I found my copy at the local Library.. PS. you local library is better than your local bookstore for learning things cause well.. its free!

This book is the one that I found, you may find another but if you decide to use this book,  just know that it really does break it down. This book was also originally intended (I think) for children which is why it is so broken down.

I personally like that I read the starting points and was given simple and basic instruction for how to create a text window and how when I was done writing exactly as the book showed, the program actually ran. I honestly and kind of surprised that it worked at all.

Here is an example of the small program that I wrote.

Small Basic edit_LI

This entire process was so simplified that I didn’t even know that I was writing a program. I was expecting something harder. This book even went into detail on how to open each section of the program and also how to use the program one step at a time.

Many other books do not go into that much detail and can be very confusing to the newbie. In conclusion to this blog post, know that I will be writing again tomorrow night when I move on to something else in the book .

Hopefully you will learn something from this small series of post.




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