Problems with my Samsung Galaxy S8

So for the last week I have been having some issues with my phone.

I looked online but didn’t find much information on the problems I am experiencing.

1) my battery is totally failing… It’s been doing this for the past few weeks

2) power saving mode and ultra power saving mode, well they just don’t work. Like at all!

3) apps are running randomly. Like apps I don’t even use are running when I open my phone.

So ya. Not sure what is going on.

Here is what I have done to try to solve the problem. Battery life first.

I read all about when to charge and not to charge your battery. PS.. Didn’t help. You can read the post on that by clicking on the link above.

I went to my phone carrier and told them about the problems.

I tried contacting Samsung via the Samsung plus app on the phone, and I am seriously disappointed in the service I received. I was explaining the problem and the app completely stopped working.

I finally texted a friend of mine and he said to try reseting the phone to factory… So I did that tonight. After about 2 hours of backing up information, I finally got my phone back on and I have honestly noticed a difference, not much of one but a slight one. I have been using my phone all day long, playing the game Fallout Shelter, and answering phone calls, texting, and also looking for emails.

So I guess all is well now. Just remember to back up your data.



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