So a long time ago someone introduced me to a site called indegogo and I became obsessed. I was like a little girl in a room full of puppies who go to choose her own.

Anyway, I chose to get a Rocketbook and after a long time… Yes… A very long time. I finally got one, and I loved it. I used it so much that it became a staple in my purse. I would write down all my notes and thoughts and then send them to my email.

After a while I lost my beloved Rocketbook and couldn’t find it. I know… Sad right!

Turns out it was in the back of my car… Under my seat. Anyway… Since this notebook erases with heat… Guess what happened to it in my all black car… During summer, in South Florida?

If you guessed that all of my noted were gone. You are both right and wrong. Thanks to the Rocketbook and the ability to send your notes places… I didn’t lose a single thing.

Here is an zoomed in picture of my Frixion Pen. I got these ones at Walmart. But you can get them from the Rocketbook company or online.
This is my Rocketbook. It’s a little beat up but it still works. 
My Rocketbook and Frixion Pen.

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