Mozilla FireFox

So being that is 4:39am and for some odd reason I am wide awake. I guess I will start this by saying Morning!!!!

Hopefully I can sleep after I right this… Please let me sleep!!!!!

So as many of us know there are 4 large web browsers. (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla) Every once in a while these get update as do many things on a computer. Just like any machine a computer has to be updated, or tuned up. The web browsers don’t normally change though. So when one does its big news. If you talk to anyone who spends time on the internet you will find that everyone has their favorites. Such as with any type of computer. I happen to prefer Windows, and I also happen to prefer Chrome. (I am most familiar with these two things, and chrome signs me into everything.) Back to the topic at hand though. Mozilla (Firefox just got a major facelift!

Today an email was received saying that Firefox was going to be updated, I am not one to check my personal email everyday, so imagine my surprise about 10 minutes before writing this post…Forgive my sleepless mind…but I am still kinda impressed… I logged on and saw the following email.


Now the email states that Firefox is now blazing fast… and I have to say that its far more responsive then I have seen in the past. But keep in mind… I was around when Dial-up was first invented. 😛 yes… I am that old. lol.

I went ahead and updated the browser as many of you will probably do. and the first thing you will probably notice is that there are a lot of symbols in the top right hand corner… and some basic ones in the left. Now don’t freak out… you didn’t lose anything. it just got put away where you will have better access to it. I know change can be hard. 😦

Take the time to actually look at this design though and compare it to the other browsers. Go ahead… Open a Internet Explorer… open Chrome… you will notice that they all are optimized to look more similar… they all basically have the basics the Tab bar, the URL Bar, your Back, Forward, Refresh, and Home on the Left. Bookmarks and add-on’s, Settings and controls to the Right. So as I said before, its all about what you need it to do and what you prefer, when it comes to a web browser. Now as this post is about the update… I do have to say that having been using Firefox for about a half an hour now consistently and changing tabs and looking at the add-on’s and also just messing with the configurations of things. Its working really well. I haven’t had a delay at all, everything is streamlined and I can get to pretty much everything I need very quickly.

I did go exploring a little bit and saw some new tools that I am looking into trying out. One is the Library, it contains your Search History, Bookmarks, Pocket List and Synced Tabs. This I may just like cause of the name…but I am sure that it will have its great uses for many of my fellow internet people. I do have to say that I like that its easy to identify and also quick to get into.

Another feature that I am quite impressed by… and this just may be because I send screenshots to people all the time. (mostly cause its just easier then to have to type all that out) (big fan of Bitmoji here!!!) is the Screenshots Feature. In the URL Bar, you will notice three sequential dots… these open a section that is quite useful. It is where you will “Bookmark this Page, Save Page to Pocket, Copy Links, Email Links, Send Tab to Device, and Take a Screenshot.


This works like many of the other add-on’s for screenshots, the only complaint that I have is that I can not find where it is saved to may computer. I downloaded it and checked that file and its not there… tried the Pictures folder also and didn’t see it. So maybe its more for in web screenshots that your sending right then and there.

One other feature that I would like to mention is the SnoozeTab. This is pretty cool. Basically it works really easily.. you have a tab open and you don’t need it right now, so you tell it to go away by simply hitting the snooze button… it then ask you when you want that tab to reopen.. it could be a few hours or even next month. Which if you ask me is pretty good span of time. I don’t think there is much use for the next month button, but then again…I don’t use the internet like most people.

Alright… Now I am getting sleepy and it seems like a good idea to head to bed, again. So Nighty Night…

As Always if you have any questions or comments… please share.



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