Do you spend hours on Pinterest? 

Do you spend hours pinning all the things that you would like to do? I do…

The thing is that I never really get around to actually doing alot of them… I then forget about them and then discover then days, sometimes weeks later and am like dammit! 

So… I decided that I am going to start a new new board in Pinterest… One for things to do when I am bored. The thing is that in the last two weeks, I have had like the most and the least free time ever.

I got back from vacation about a week before hurricane Irma… And then had to evacuate. So I had to pack and leave work and get things hurricane ready. Basically stealing away all my free time. I did have 30+ hours in a car in 4 days clocked… But being in a car just puts me to sleep. 

Sorry, I got off topic a little! But it was on that trip that I got to look through my Pinterest boards and realized that I have not done one single thing that I have pinned. So either this means that I am not really all that bored…. Or that I just suck at doing things that I don’t see on a daily basis. Either way, I spend alot of time on Pinterest, and now I am seeing  alot of pins for how to earn money on Pinterest. But there doesn’t seem to be an actual way to do this. So for tonight’s post. I want to ask a few questions…

1) does anyone out there actually make money from using Pinterest?

2) how does a person get started?

3) can you tell me what you think of it… If you are already using Pinterest and making money from it? 


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