Earning Money Online (at home)

As we all gear up for the holiday season, our thoughts turn to gifts and money. How we are going to purchase all those gifts for all those people. Unfortunately for many of us, we work 40 hours a week… sometimes more and we end up getting a stable paycheck that by the time we pay some of those horrid things called bills… we are out of money or pretty close to being out of it.

So in this post, I wanted to share with you one definite way to make a few bucks, without a lot of work… it does take time.. and I have only earned about $5.00 with the little bit of time that I work. But it does work, depending on how you work.


Amazon Mechanical Turk


Basically, you sign up with your amazon account and you get to do odd jobs for people. you do have to meet their qualifications. Which isn’t that hard, most of it is just typing something into google and looking at the information that they ask you to and then entering it into the boxes for them. You don’t get paid right away, as the person has to approve the answer. But that usually happens in about 24 hours.

A Very Simple Process

Amazon will put the money in your bank account (that takes longer) or they will put it in you Amazon account (which of course is faster) and you can use it on all those things that you buy on amazon.

So there you go a simple way to earn money online. with out all the extra crap that most places make you do.


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