Printables: Create your own or buy these.

Hi, so I wanted to share with you how to make your own printables, they are really easy to make and you have all the programs that you need already.

So here it is:Etsy Listing Paper

Step one… Open Microsoft Word… Simple, right?? I thought so too.

The next step for me was to figure out how I wanted my printable to look. I really love colors when I am organizing. So I chose blue and green. I then divided the page into two columns. Making the left wider than the right.  After that I added I my text and lines for writing on. And a border to make it all look pretty.

See… I said it was simple.

So then I took a screenshot and posted it. After the overwhelming response, I decided that I should create a blog post on a how to make your own printables for free… Now you can see something that you like and tell the person who make it and wants to charge you… To suck it andake your own….

Or you know… You can contact me and I will make you one and you can have it for 50 cents. All you have to do is let me know what you want.


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