Trying again…Maybe a little quick to judge.

So I was informed that my previous post Are you selling shit online? may have been a little harsh. That maybe I didn’t give it enough time. So I went ahead and after closing my Etsy Shop… I reopened it. I have listed over 10 items that are mainly handmade and also in the category of Home Décor, something that I have always been interested in.

But sadly after sharing and sharing, I still am not getting sales. Take a look at my shops dashboard if you don’t believe me this is from today as I am writing this post.

I have received lots of followers on Instagram and on twitter, the two social platforms that I am focusing on. I also have a Facebook page and now get these annoying messages from Facebook Business that basically is asking me every single day to run an ad. (which I don’t have the money for) So I don’t really bother with that one.

Back to my etsy shop. So as I said I started a shop and I am getting views but I am not getting sales. Now sales as we all know are really the key to any business. In order to actually get any type of money from one of these sites you have to make a sale and then the company takes their percentage out. Which isn’t that bad. I think its 20 cents to list a product on etsy and they take like 1 percent. ( I really need to double check that) But so far I have paid about 3 to 5 dollars in product listings and I haven’t received a sale. I am doing my part… I am sharing my items via the etsy site. I have a Pinterest board full of items with my shop name as the title for the board and a link to my shop in the description of the board and for every picture I have on there. I also have a Instagram for business account…. I changed my personal account to one for business. This allowed me to keep all my followers that I already had and to add new followers and also see the analytics for my post. I find Instagram to have the most engagement so far out of my social media. I try every day to talk about my etsy shop, I have offered percent’s off and also free gifts with a purchase. Still no bites.

I also use twitter, I find that if I tweet about my shop at around 1 -2 am then I receive a few hits. I guess its all those people laying in bed like I am that are scrolling through twitter. Still not getting any sales.

So I figure maybe I am doing something wrong… So I have started rewriting my descriptions for my items… This is a work in progress. I am looking at how top sellers write their descriptions for a product similar to mine and then rewriting mine based off of that. Hopefully no one gets mad at me for this. I am not copying their work just trying to improve my own.

Hopefully this works. I will let you know.  If you are an etsy genius or just a regualar person like me and know of a few tricks I may try… PLEASE.. PLEASE take pitty on this poor uneducated in the ways of Etsy and let me know what I am doing wrong.

Feel free to check out my Etsy shop here





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