Samsung, oh, Samsung

Hi again everyone. Sorry for the long and overdrawn pause on writing. But when work calls you have to respond… they have been kicking my butt lately… early hours Suck!!!!

Anyway… I recently switched phone companies, mostly due to my over 130+ dollar bill that I wasn’t really all that happy with, when I only have one phone line!!!!!! But I went to AT&T and got a really great deal. (this is not a sponsored ad, nor did they in anyway ask me or pay me to write this) I dont really want to go into alot of details about my life… but for the sake of honesty which I am a huge fan of.. I switched from a certain company that stole the “Can you hear me now guy?” and went to AT&T… this lowered my bill tremendously. Just FYI… check them out. The guy who helped me and my boyfriend was amazing and very very knowledgeable about the Samsung S8’s that we got.

My boyfriend got the S8+ and I got the regular S8. He previously had a LG G4 and the battery life was the worse thing about our lives. His phone would be at 100% at 9am in the morning and he would go hang out with a friend and at 12pm noon his phone would be at about 30% and he wouldn’t really even use it. Trying to get a hold of him was just a major problem and many times he would not even have the ability to read a text as his phone would just shut down.

Here is a small picture for you to see the slight size difference. samsung-galaxy-s8-010

Needless to say his phones battery life now is wonderful and we both can use our phones for hours at a time and not have to charge it 2 or 3 times a day. I used to have the S7 without the Edge.. (ps.. that Edge takes a while to get use too) I keep opening my reminders and also a ruler… Honestly… I cant find a use for the ruler.. but I am determined.

Now the Samsung S8 is actually a pretty good phone and to help those of you that have a S7 and are thinking of upgrading, I have compiled a list of pros and cons.


  • The Edge- its actually helpful.
  • the format of the home screen. – it has a lot more space
  • Lock screen notifications- when you get a text the phone lights up with a blue ring on the outside of the screen and the message displays at the top with the person that sent it and you can unlock you phone from there
  • the sign in with google- this was extremely easy for me, I simply just unlock my phone and now can be signed into google in a second.
  • Bluetooth paired devices. – you can set up the phone to unlock when its near certain devices- such as my boyfriend who uses his phone for Napster in his car.. his phone remains unlocked as its connected to his stereo. I have mine paired with my computer and my boyfriends phone.
  • Samsung Rewards— Platinum status baby.


  • Bixby- She works… but only partly…More of her in another post
  • Charger- the charger changed in this phone.  *funny note* its the opposite of a lightning cable ( iPhone charger)
  • there are only 4 buttons on this phone- there is the lock screen button, a Bixby button (not sure.. why), and volume control. I personally really miss my home button. I find myself having trouble opening my phone.
  • fingerprint sensor- the fingerprint sensor is in the back of the phone.. so its no longer incorporated into my home button (still missing this) but it works.

Some features that I haven’t tried are the facial recognition and the iris scanner.. I am not to interested in them as I dont keep secure information on my phone. Cause I am not stupid.  But I will be trying them, if only for the sake of this blog. lol.





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