Nintendo Switch and Games (updated)

So last night I went to GameStop with my BF and we looked at all the games for the XboxOne & the PS3…. but while looking at these he said something about the Nintendo Switch, that got me thinking about the games that it has so far that I can play. Now as you wonderful readers know… I can hardly play Mario on a NES… but I can play Pokemon on GameBoy. So I decided to hold off on the Switch for this time, and look at the games that they have already released and plan to release soon… after all My birthday will be here in no time. 😉 So on this mornings adventure through the internet I stopped by the Nintendo Store and here are some things I found.

One if you go to their main screen for Nintendo Switch and you don’t click something fast it moves you to their games list immediately… Nice Job there…

Two they seem to have alot more games than the 10 that I was led to believe were available to me, last night at GameStop.

So in the 1st showing of the Nintendo Switch… they show Breath of the Wild, 1,2 Switch, Splatoon, and Sonic. Now they seem to have even older games available. The first game that I really noticed seemed to be a party game call Snipperclips…images

This game seems to be made entirely of characters that are paper and you have to cut them into shapes to achieve goals.

The next game that caught my eyes was Shovel Knight…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Honestly from the pictures that I saw I would say that it looked like an old school Mario, Sonic and MegaMan.  I think the character is a little stupid..but who knows till you play.. I may end up walking around with a Shovel Knight on my shirt. lol,

I then noticed that they also have Skyrim, Super Bomberman, and also Street Fighters II, The Final Challengers.

That is not alot of games but if you go to their coming soon pages next you seem games like Sonic Mania and Super Mario Odyssey. Which kinda gives me hope for the future.

Anyway… off to play the game I did get for the DS… Super Mario… Hehe… Old School Kid.



2 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch and Games (updated)

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