GARAGESaling online. 

Driving around with my mom years ago early on Saturday mornings, was one of my favorite things. Why were we driving around? Because on Saturdays we were garage sailing! 

So now since we are past the 21st century and 99% of shit we do online… Apps such as Letgo are big news. They run commercials like every 15 minutes. And in fact I downloaded their app when I was looking for an Xbox with my boyfriend. Since then I have taken a gander every now and then to see what they have. Not still sure of meeting a complete stranger in the middle of McDonald’s parking lot. But hey, a girl has got. To do something…Thank God I know Self defense. 

For those special people who fast forward through the commercials and only stream their TV shows… (first of all… You all suck) second Letgo is an application (app) that people use to post things that they no longer need or have a use for. They take a few pictures and write a mildly appropriate description and then post it to the app… The app will then find people who want to buy that particular item and they can ask questions such as is it still for sale, what condition is the item in, they can also set up a meeting to buy the item or items and then meet that stranger in a safe location and swap money for products. 

For me, this is not always the best idea… I don’t really like people or even trust many of them… So buying something from a stranger is basically something that I wouldn’t normally do. I have looked into buying an old laptop or desktop for my mom on this app… Mostly cause I want to upgrade it and make it spectacular for her. You know… Put those techy skills to use… I don’t need them to rust away. Lol. 

But I am thinking that a tablet would be better for her, mostly cause then she can walk around with it and actually use it.. But it may have to be indestructible… Cause she is hard on electronics. If you happen to have an idea, I would love to hear it. Lol


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