I don’t know about you but I am one of those people who try very hard to not have to buy a new phone or have to spend really any money on my phone. I mean I pay about 130.00 on my phone a month anyway, and that is  just for service. So when my Samsung S7 (without the Edge) notified me that  I had a new system update, I hit Install and needless to say… I had to have my boyfriend rescue me. I didn’t really do any research to find out what they changed or how to really use it before I hit that button. But I did notice several problems.

  • I couldn’t read my text… everything was white on a white background in my conversations.

Then I went about trying to find how to change this stupid problem of having white text on my conversations screen (causing me to not be able to actually read a text message or who sent it) So I tried to fix it… I thought that going into the fonts would be a good place to start, Right? NO!!!!!!! That is the wrong answer… Somehow I got into the fonts settings and turn on the Voice Assistant!

  •  I somehow turned on Voice Assistant in the settings screen, Still not sure what I did to get it to turn on.

OMG>>> that is the most annoying feature that I have even enabled! My alarm to head to work went off and I couldn’t get the phone to dismiss the alarm, I couldn’t turn down my volume on my phone. It kept speaking and ringing and then I got a phone call and couldn’t dismiss that either. So there I am sitting trying to get my phone to shut the hell up, when my boyfriend takes my phone and says go ahead and go to work, I will bring you your phone later.So off I go to work thinking that it will be a while till I get my phone back or maybe he will just shut it off and I will have to figure it out when I get off… No… Not the case. He comes walking in and hands me my phone and says if you ever turn it on again… just hit the home button 3 time to turn it off. Talk about one of those moments when you think to yourself “This right now is why I love you” Anyway, I go ahead and use my phone for the rest of the day with no problems what-so-ever…

But I still cant read my text messages ( He didn’t fix this… He didn’t even know that it was a problem I was having.) So how did I fix this problem, I changed the theme on my phone, and now I can read everything. I was using an older theme that I guess was not up to date with the new update. but its all fixed now.

So, now I have installed the new system update… I have a new theme…and then I noticed something else…

  • I cant find my flashlight!

So I went ahead and started to look online for what the new update did and trying  to figure out where it went. It turns out that it didn’t go far but that they did revamp the notifications area and they moved it on me to my second page of possible settings. I had to move it back. Not a big deal at all, but I do recommended that if you haven’t installed the update yet, you check out this article by Kris Carlon on Android Authority

#myphonehatesme #geekspeak01

If you have any funny stories about how your phone hates you, I would love to hear it. Please use the #myphonehatesme.

Also…I don’t know who made all these pictures I just saved them from offline, I just wanted to share them here cause they are so cute.

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