What are you goals?  Everyone says that I should have goals, things that I personally want to achieve at work, in my personal life, in my relationships. 

Well,  I would say I have goals.  They probably are not anywhere near what you would expect from a girl who for lack of a better term is a type A personality. 

What do I want to achieve…. Hmmmm.  

I want to CATCH THEM ALL!  

I want to play Fable on Xbox till I beat the game

I want to play the story mode all the way through Halo Master Chief Collection. 

I want to beat Super Mario (all of the Mario games) 

I want to play on a Nintendo Switch, and own one.  Lol

Sadly none of these are realistic,  I can’t do these cause I have this thing called a job that requires me to be here for 40 hours a week.  Ugh!  Not that I am sorry that I have a job.  I am happy I do.  I wish more people had jobs.  

So my question for today is what are your geeky goals? 


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