Trying to find information (Frustrated)

Almost every blogger has wanted to monetized their blog, this is actually something that can be done. But when you google “Monetize your blog” you get about 2,160,000 results (0.50 seconds) ( yes I copied that from Google Directly). So where do you start? That’s my question right now. I have read about 5 or 6 blog post on WordPress today alone that deal with this.

The First: Monetizing your blog the dreaded question

The Second: Monetizing your blog, Four ideas to consider

The Third: Tips for taking the plunge, Monetizing your blog

The Fourth: 15 Tips from Bloggycon

Now, I have nothing bad to say about these bloggers. Their blogs all are wonderful and I have chosen them as the top 4 as I have read about this a lot and in fact one reason that I chose a site instead of a blog was because of a post that I read along time ago. I want to offer Tech Help to people who have questions. I have worked in the information technology field and have a lot of knowledge on how to do simple things. Such as finding out where that saved over paper is… did you know that Microsoft Word updates and AutoSaves papers for you incase you lose power and also that you can revert the file to a specific date incase you saved over it? Guess what… I know how to do that! I could probably tell you step by step. Look for this post (upcoming, If I remember)

Anyway… Sorry I can get off topic easily. lol. Monetizing your blog is really not that simple. I used to use Blogger, and I had three blogs. I had one where I reviewed books. (would love to still do that) and I met a lot of great Authors and while I did have ads and am still an Amazon Affiliate for that, it never really brought in any income. I guess I just didn’t have enough clicks. I would let you view it but since its a google account and I would like to keep this part of the site Anonymous  (hence the name) I cant.

Back to money…I don’t have a Custom Domain, and I have looked at my site and WordPress is not putting a lot of ads on it anyway. But one post I read said that Bluehost is one of the best for bloggers to get all of this. Now… just out of curiosity I would like to ask… What hosting services do you use… and also what about hosting with WordPress itself? its like 38.00 per year… So.. why not just keep it all in the same area? Also why is it that this is the first step that people say we should do? Shouldn’t the First step be getting readers and followers so that our blog actually has credit and views and impressions? At least that’s what Blogger told me I needed when I asked them to let me monetize my blog using Google AdSense. (Which by the way is another way to monetize your blog) but I haven’t really figured out how to do that on WordPress yet. If you know please share.

So the next thing that all the blogs seem to have in common is that you should have Content and post regularly. Now that seems like a good idea… remember back about 2 sentences ago when I said that on blogger AdSense told me that I couldn’t sign up for it till I had more content and page views. (not sure if they gave me a specific number or not.) So I guess the message on this one is to keep posting. My response to this… “UH… DUH..No I am just going to rely on the 5 plus post I have about pokemon to carry me through.” Really People this one is common sense. I do understand having a schedule, But that wont work for me, so I just try to post once a week at this point. This has been a good week (btw)

Another thing according to one site is actually something that makes sense…This blogger states that you should have a page specifically for sponsorship or collaboration work. Shout out to Polished by Amy for this piece of advice.. Actually something NEW, that doesn’t require you to do a lot of work but actually may work. So I will be doing this.

There is not a lot after this that I haven’t mentioned. You have your choices… Affiliate Marketing for sites such as Amazon, Advertising for other companies possibly using AdSense from Google, Asking for Donations on sites such as Kickstarter, or Indiegogo to keep going (Essentially begging for money, in my opinion), Product reviews or contacting companies directly to see if you can advertise for them.

I chose the last one. I contacted a company that I use all the time to see if they would be willing to let me advertise with them or join their affiliate program as I use some of their stuff daily. I will have to let you know if I hear back from them as I just emailed them this morning.

Now for why I am frustrated… All the information is basically the same, aside from that idea from Polished by Amy. I haven’t see that one before. There are not really a lot of new Ideas out there for what you can do to earn money blogging, I know a girl who had over 200 page views a day and still does… even though she hasn’t posted in over 2 years. And she still makes next to nothing for impressions on her page. Now I am not looking to make the 10,000 dollars a month that bloggers sometimes claim they make.. I would be fine with just actually making something and getting some actual information here. So let me ask you this. What ways do you make money blogging? What works best for you? What ideas have you tried?  Can someone please help me figure it out? lol.


Frustrated and Confused #geekspeak01






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