Are you selling shit online?


Many times I have tried and failed miserably to sell handcrafted items online. I have tried Etsy, Storenvy, EBay and even have looked into having a Facebook page as my store… I think that may still be active. In fact I haven’t removed any of them. Incase someone may want to buy something.

This Post is all about Etsy and my experience with them.

All I can say about these sites is does anyone actually know how to become one of their top sellers… cause trying my hardest, sharing every thing on social media and trying to in some way contact the very people who run the site, have all left me feeling frustrated and annoyed. I was just on my Etsy shop in fact and they say that they do promote your items for you. To this my response is REALLY….Really you do? cause the last sale I made was last year… and I had better success with Thumbtack…and doing some marketing things for people. Not to rant on and on… but I think that they really only promote your items if you pay them. They are after all a company. According to Wikipedia in 2014 Etsy made 195.6 million, in revenue. In fact here is a breakdown of their revenue streams from Wikipedia.

“In 2014, Etsy garnered a revenue of US$195.6 million, and registered a net loss of US$15.2 million. Etsy generates revenue primarily from three revenue streams. Its ‘Marketplace’ revenue includes a fee of 3.5% of sale value, which an Etsy seller pays for each completed transaction, and a listing fee of 20 cents per item. ‘Seller Services’, Etsy’s fastest growing revenue stream, includes fees for services such as Promoted Listings, payment processing and purchases of shipping labels through the platform. ‘Other’ revenue includes fees received from third-party payment processors.[8]”

So with all this money… that they made…what have I made… $46.00 but that was 2015… I have made no money since. In fact.. they have taken about 25-30 dollars from me in seller fees alone. Not that I have it out for Etsy either. but I honestly cant seem to sell the items I have made… I will disclose this to you. I like to make scarfs…these scarfs are made from old t-shirts that the customer sends to me, and I create a scarf out of it. Its like having a memory close to you and it can keep you warm too. I started this when I was in North Carolina and scarfs were actually needed. but now I live in the South and they are not really needed down here. So is pointless to me to have a bag full of scarfs. lol.

In order to be completely fair to this online company that I am quite annoyed with at the time.. I would like to say that they do post quite frequently about how to get found on their site and how to maximize your earnings. They even have Shop Checklist to help you create and make your shop all good looking.  Here is a link to their Seller Handbook. Many of the things that you will see on here will directly correlate to your problems and they will help you solve them. Let me be very clear about this.. They are a good company and if you can make it work for you then that is Frickin Wonderful… but I cant seem to get it to work for me. So on this not I guess I will be shutting it down at the end of the month and maybe someday I will try again…but not this month.

Anyway, to my probably 3 readers… if you are looking for a place to sell items online… I suggest Etsy cause I have actually sold stuff on there… but if you are looking for some site to set it all up for you and sell your items for you.. not what Etsy is about. I personally have not tried their advertising, Cause I cannot afford it. But if you can then have fun.

See ya. #Geekspeak01



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