Watch “The World of Pokémon GO has Expanded!” on YouTube

So the words OH MY GOSH!!! 😃. doesn’t even do justice to what I am feeling right now! 

I am so excited that words are failing. Niantic has just released a video (see the link above) telling us that there are 80 new Pokémon in the world.  I can’t wait to start catching them.  

I logged in to Pokémon Go and started having it running… But I personally haven’t seen any of these wonderous new creatures in my neck of the woods.  Lol

I am going to have to go  exploring and find new ones. Anyway,  I will update this as I find out more awesome news relating to this.  

So I have recently found quite a few new Pokémon.  I need to add pictures  of them all still.  But I would have to say the most awesome one I have found so far was a bear… Like an actual bear looking Pokémon.  It seems to me as someone who has never played Pokémon silver, gold, sun or moon. That the johoto region Pokémon aremore often actually based off of natural creatures rather than the gamers mind.  

I have to say that I like this and that it helps that they have these markings on them of circles… Not quite sure what that is about. But I am going to be checking into it.  I also went ahead and used that awesome evee naming hack to get two new types of evees.  Now this hack only works a few times so make sure that your have the Pokémon that you want to evolve.  😁 



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