Catch your lover…in this game update.

On February 8th Pokémon go released an update for Valentines Day.  It’s actually a reason to play the game again,  in fact my Bf and I made a special trip to Disney to see what we could catch.  Sadly we didn’t get a polygon…  😦 totally wish I could have though.  We did get a few cool new Pokémon though.  I got a baby electrabuzz and he hatched a baby magmar.  Both were out of 10k eggs. Needless to say we got alot of eggsercise.  Lol.  Sorry,  totally a dorky joke.

Anyway,  we saw alot of jiggypuffs and slowpokes… None of their evolutions though.

Now for Valentines Day,  niantic released a few new Pokémon supposedly… But no one has really seen any of them… Well… I can tell you this… They are out there cause when I hatched the electrabuzz baby… My pokedex grew by alot… Like now all the way to 238. Which is way higher than the 150 that I had before.  😁

The double candies that they let us have are pretty much what I wanted for Valentines… But not what is going to make alot of people happy.

As I have said in a previous post… I still play Pokémon Go on a pretty normal bases… So for me to have double candies is nice cause I am working on that super high level charzard.  I can’t wait to get him and then put him on the gym in the park closest to where I live.  Lol… Then we will see who controls that park! (insert evil 😈 laugh.)

What I find to be the best part though is that the buddies are able to earn double too… I switched from my Charmander to a Pikachu and then had enough candies to evolve him into a Richu,  which of course prompted my Bf to do the same… Mine is a higher level 1094.. Hehe… I beat him again.

He is a higher level though so I am going to have to score some major Xp in the next few days if I want to keep up this streak of kicking his butt.

Back to playing now… I have some powering up and evolving to get too.

# Geekspeak


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