Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go came out last year in June…now the funny thing is that it hasn’t even been a year and already the game has kinda died out.

When the game was first released in June, it hit over a million downloads in a matter of hours…Now I don’t really know anyone who still plays it. (Ps… i still do…just rarely)The thing that I would like to talk about here is how this game has evolved and devolved.

As I said when it first was released people such as me found links online and got it a day or two early… (hehe) but now with the popularity of the game dwindling so rapidly you would think the game creators would release the next generation of Pokemon. Sadly they seem to not be listening to their peeps on twitter.

Pokemon Go started out pretty well with a three step tracker (Boyfriend’s Sister’s Note {BSN}: Which they need to bring the fuck back cause fuck this crappy shit they got now. Just sucks.Teach kids some freakin’ respect and common sense to not go where they shouldn’t and to pay some fucking attention to something other than themselves, no one else seems to be teaching them this shit. It’s called a “disclaimer” people!) and grass flying up on the screen to indicate that there may be Pokemon in that area… but there are no more flying leaves (BSN: fuck the leaves thing it didn’t work ever anyways) and that tracker since has gotten an upgrade… Pokemon now spawn near PokeStops more often and you can see where those stops are and what Pokemon are near there.  This really takes the fun of finding the Pokemon out of the game in my opinion.

Niantic did go ahead and get me to play more when they released the events. I actually enjoy playing during that time… I am hoping for another dose of Double candies… I want my Charzard people. Anyway…Not to sit here and bash Nianitic…but honestly… they kinda suck right now… the home screen hasn’t been changed since the beginning of the year and there haven’t been any major changes either… we have our buddies.. which they did promise, but what about Trades? What about the gym battles? I keep pretty good track of their twitter and Honestly just double checked myself before making this statement.. but they have not mentioned either…I went back all the way to Pikachu wearing a festive hat… on Dec. 12. 2016.

So we had Pikachu and the santa hat… then they got a new partner so people wouldn’t get data charges.(which to be honest is sweet of them) Then we get notified that Raichu will keep the hat… This is all good and well. Then they get the apple watch.. Which I am still jealous that I don’t have… Then 7 new pokemon… all from the Johto region.. (still mad that I don’t have a Togepi) Then we get Holiday Packs.. Which were also very nice… Then 5000 more Starbucks were added as PokeStops. ( let me just say here… Holy Shit Batman, 5000+ Starbucks… that like fucking, what are they trying to do take over the world? ) Then a Poll… For which a lot of people said Holloween… Double Candies!!! Whoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Server issues… then were sorry “we updated” again…

And somehow they have 2.1 million followers…

But you know what I find really amazing here… You probably just read this post cause it said Pokémon Go…Sadly… We are all addicted.. (even the BSN, Although she doesn’t really play unless you ask her to take a walk with you) When pokemon go first came out my boyfriend and his sister and I would play every day till 2-3 am in the morning. and infact we caught like 50% of the Pokedex in the first few weeks. We even play when we go to Disney…Did you know that there are some very rare pokemon in Disney? Cause I didn’t… but who would have guessed… we have a Park Hopper pass and there are some really nice pokemon there. (head to Disney if you get some time off).

Here are some pictures and videos from my adventures catching Pokémon. I hope you like them.  



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