Steam (Online Gaming Platform)

Recently it came to my attention that there is an online gaming platform, and that its one of the best out there. So I downloaded it and am currently online, trying and failing sadly at playing games.

I am not familiar with many of these things…as I said in Gamers Welcome to the Geekdom, I am not a gamer. I really suck at games, but I like to play.

Setup on Steam was super simple and took only about 5 minutes to complete.  I also put the app on my phone and that only took a few moments to download and install. You can get the app on Google Play or in the App store.  You can also get it from the steam website.  

What I liked about the website is that once you install the program on your computer it takes you to the program and is completely up to date with the games that you looked at on the site. I also like that you can add friends from social media sites and also people that you have played a specific game with before.  


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