Fantastic Beast (Updated)

In my first post I let everyone know how excited I was about this movie coming out and how much of a HP fan I am.

I can say now that I have seen this movie… I am still a HP fan…But I am not a Fantastic Beast Fan. I honestly could hardly believe what I was seeing. Maybe I went in with to many expectations of more spellbinding entertainment. Unfortunately, I didn’t get what I was expecting.

The movie was more about Newt Scamander and his new friends/what seems to be a love interest than actually being about Fantastic Beast. I did like the part where they are looking for the Niffler and when they went into the case. That was quite interesting. I also liked how Newt had so many different species all together and how he allowed Jacob (a muggle) to feed and help him take care of his animals. But we only saw 5 creatures, the Niffler, the Thunderbird, the snake that could shrink and grow, the rhino with the crazy tumor looking thing on its head, the long haired white monkey and the crazy orb of dark smoke that turns out to be a child, called an Obscurus.

{Sorry, but I couldn’t remember the names of all of the creatures and was not able to find a list of them. If you do know the names please leave a comment and I will update this post. Thanks. :)}

There seemed to  be so much going one… I understand rising plot and how there is supposed to be a climax and then there is the falling plot where all the problems get solved and then bam end of movie and all the problems are tied up with a pretty pink bow and the world is somehow perfect again. But this movie had so much rising action that by the time they figured out that Grindlewald was hiding in plain sight… it was just to painfully obvious and then he didn’t even put up a fight… Also I am 90% sure that Dumbledore is the one who defeated Grindlewald not Newt Scamander…and a team of wizards from America. I honestly think this movie could have been better in so many ways. But there is one thing that I do have to say now that I have bashed this movie from a HP fan standpoint. People who have never liked or have never seen the HP movies… Well.. they would probably love this movie and since it made 777 billion in the Box office. I would say a lot of people probably liked it. I am still not impressed although there is to be a series of movies coming out to follow this one, and I am looking forward to seeing what Mrs. Rowling has up her sleeves. Hopefully, she learned some magic from Harry.




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