Gamers Welcome to the Geekdom

Sadly I am not a gamer…not really by any means… I am that person who sits back and watches the other people play, I am that person who you don’t want playing Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield 1, or Black Ops 3. I am that person who tries to not die 5 minutes (sometimes 30 secs) into the game, and who if I do survive more than a minute, I become really happy and charge forward without a thought.

I can remember when my love of video games first started… when my soul filled with the joy and amazement that I could do things in other worlds that I personally could never do… such as playing an Italian Plumber who could don a special pair of white overalls and then spit fireballs at little mushrooms, who by the way… always showed up and killed me… once I got those special overalls. Or when I could don a green hat and was given a sword and a horse to ride though the open plains… oh those were the days.

My love for this world that seemed so foreign (and quite honestly still does sometimes) was passed to me though a small rectangle with a D-pad and an two other buttons labeled A and B. My cousin would play a video game and then pass the remote to me… and let me ride the horse in Legend of Zelda across the open plains, cause that was the only thing I wanted to do. I would sit and watch him play Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario for hours. Sometimes he would look at me and say those magical words “Do you want to play?” and I would grab a controller and he would switch it to Two Players and no matter how many times I died (Which honestly was 95% of the time) he would let me start over and retry. Some of my favorite childhood memories are sitting on his bed or on the floor and asking 20 thousand questions about how he just did that in a game. He would never not answer and sometimes would start the level over and let me try to do the same thing he just did just cause I wanted to try.

These wonderful memories still come back every time I pick up a controller or see that blue hedgehog. My cousin honestly inspired me to take on a new world and a new challenge in life. For me it wasn’t a video game or a learning experience or a challenge, it was simply time spent together. Even now in adulthood I can still refer to something in a game and he will know exactly what I am talking bout. Such as a dinner we had at a pretty good Italian restruant a while back… his older brother was teasing me about how geeks can’t be jocks and how jock’s cant be geeks and how being a geek wasn’t a good thing… Boo on you.. I still say.. By the way… this brother… He is a geek in his own right. But his little brother looked down at the table and said “Hey… look its the Tri-force!” To which of course I replied “omg.. it is” and quickly snapped a picture to post to social media.

The funny thing about not being a gamer but having the ability to understand geeks, due to the generosity of this particular cousin, who let me ask him my 20 thousand questions a day … (you probably think I am kidding with that… believe me I am not) is that it transferred over into my adult life… I have made and maintained friendships from high school due to my love of games. I still seek these people out when I have a quick question about something technical that I cant find the answer too. In fact, I have a friend who I call The Technical Wizard because he honestly is the most amazing guy when it comes to computers and games. (I kind of look up to him and honestly think he can fix anything, but we will keep that between us.. he doesn’t need a bigger ego. :p )

Now you may be thinking what is the point here… are we just taking a journey down memory lane? is this post about how you fell in love with technology ? No… This post is about the beginning of “GeekSpeak” and how I got the undeserved nickname “Queen of the Nerds”.  As I said, that one cousin, well he inspired the excitement that I feel when I pick up a controller… but his brother.. Well his brother… ever the Mastermind. He took that love of Geek… and he made it into a Masterpiece, a great complex work of art that could span the universe. His wife… she nurtured that love of Geek and is honestly the reason that I started this blog… I had an Idea… I said it a lot… there should be a community of Geeks… We could rule the World… Wait… no that’s for another post.. 😉

The community of Geeks, that was the idea… I know that as a Geek (not entirely self proclaimed here.. I have been told on many occasions… that I do qualify to be a geek or a nerd.)  we all like our little bubbles and we all like to sit on the couch with controllers in our hand and our retina’s being burned by the bright lights of the TV, while we sit in the dark.

BY the way.. ever wonder.. why so many geeks and nerds have to wear glasses??? huh… go back and read that last sentence over again… Turn on some lights.. and listen to this wonderful message from FairyTail

Anyway.. I got off track again back to that Community… Now I have been working on this for years… and when I say years.. I mean.. since I was 16… that’s a really really long time! I have made and been friends with people who are Geeks, Gamers, Tech Enthusiast, Anime Lovers, Writers, Graphic Designers, and Nerds… and I think that we should all join forces. We should share what makes us special (yes… I do mean being a Geek or a Nerd). So on that note and at the longest post I have ever written… 1052 words. I would like to invite you to contact us here at Geeks Anonymous and let us know what inspired your love of the Geekdom.


Thank you to for the wonderful picture. 🙂


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