Earning the keys to the Kingdom.

A long time ago… Back in the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth and the polar ice caps were not melting away at light year speeds. I started playing a game called Kingdom Hearts on the PS2 and now I can play it on my cellphone and on the PS3, different versions of course, but still the overall same game. . 

I have added in a video of my game. 

Needless to say this game is simple enough and does pass the time quite well.  It’s not a very hard challenge although I didn’t really expect it to be one of those games where you struggle to gain a level. But i did expect more than to just tap and swipe to fight.  I do like the ability to upgrade my sword and I do also like how the game plays out.  From what I remember about Kingdom Hearts you can have other characters help you fight in battles and you can also select help from some of the same characters in this app too.  

The thing that I would have to say I like best about the game is the sheer novelty of it.  Other than that, I wouldn’t pay money for it,  which is the bad part… It seems to be one of those time wasting games for when you need to zone out and not do anything that requires you to think. 

Like right now… when my boyfriend is playing a zombie game… And I really hate zombie games…they are just gross.  

On that note… I am off to save the kingdom, BTW.  


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