Oh Manual,Where Art Thou?

Are you one of those Gen-X’ers or Millennials that grew up in a house where video games were nonexistent? Did your parents lock you out of the house with the presumption that fresh air would do you some good? Maybe your computer time was a bit restricted, so the idea of making it through a whole mission with enough data to save was basically a dream? Now you’re all grown up and your friends still talk about things like Pokémon and playing Legends of Zelda (not to be confused with League of Legends!). All this talk about “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A,” cheat codes and mods must have your head spinning! Well, I’m right there with you. Having grown up watching my cousins play on their Gameboys with that effervescent music drifting through my ears and barely understanding why I had to blow on the cartridges for the N64, I completely understand your pain. You just want to go try this “adult-ing” thing now that grown-ups are encouraged to play things like Pokémon-Go and attend Comic-Con events, but your friends are still pretty hardcore with the tasks of catching all the things and exploring Hyrule.

So, here I am… the blonde leading the blind. I’m here to learn right alongside you and share with you as I explore the many fantastical places within the various games we grew up with – starting with Legends of Zelda (1986-present) and Pokémon (the newest exercise fad). Have some good info for me? Please comment! Still unsure why you were turned into a wolf-thing with earrings? I will find you some answers! Want to suggest my next endeavor? Please. By all means. I am all ears!

As for today, my first lesson in gaming: do a bit of research before you start running your mouth about your new computerized love.  I mistakenly called Legends of Zelda, “League of Legends.” (How could I?! That is just preposterous! Ban me from games!) If you haven’t run off to google why this is such a big deal, you either know why this blunder is such a faux pas or you have yet to experience the wrath of a passionate player. My 3hrs logged on Twilight Princess are no match for a “ten-year’ed” explorer. A note to those of you who have mastered the games I review – be kind. No one likes a know-it-all.

More tomorrow on the actual games, but for now – Welcome to the Danger Zone!


p.s. thank you to the artists at DeviantArt for the cover photo!


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