“Fantastic Beast” and the World as we know it.

So for my first post on this new endeavor.. I thought I would reach into something of a favorite topic of mine.

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter.

I have been a fan of Harry Potter since 2001, near my 12th birthday. I read all 4 books (at that time there were only 4) in about 3 days… Then I re-read each of them about 10 times each… I am honestly a Huge Fan and now own the entire series.

So of course, I am excited and curious about the movie Fantastic Beast, I have not seen it yet because of work…Which is a great travesty in my life… but one that I have deal with. I have plans to see it this week. 🙂

But in the mean time I wanted to share something in the Geekdom, that I found on Facebook this morning. Check out this Awesomeness courtesy of MTV

And once you have done that… comeback and see what I found on NowThis, Thank you to NowThis for sharing.  I am honestly so excited to see this movie and to find out if the rumor is true. (you have to watch the video to know the rumor.. I am not sharing)

So just a little question for all the Harry Potter Fans out there…have you seen the new movie? and read the new book? If you have please leave a comment below.

No spoilers please.




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